The Show That is ‘Tough’ Enough and my three main issues with it

Going back into June WWE brought back the show Tough Enough. You know…The same reality show that they expect people to take seriously even with the fact it has been canceled about two or three times…Yeah that show.

This year WWE brought it back…The show meant to find the next talent and possible next generation in WWE. This year new contestants entered the barracks or whatever they want to call it, in hope of find the next winner of the show. But as most people in the wrestling universe knows, that has not turned out good.

For all the seasons tough enough was on there was always one winner on the guys side, one winner on the girls side, or both if they chose one from each side which is the case this year. But those winners have not lived up to be ‘tough’ enough as they either become jobbers, have unsuccessful careers, or don’t wrestle at all, which is the fate that possibly awaits the winners of this horrible c or d grade reality show (Cause let’s be honest, it really isn’t that good)

But there are basically 3 main reasons I don’t like this show and here they are now

1: The format of the show- This year WWE decided to give this show an American Idol Format basically as while the voting is live when the contestants are on the stage, but they show us clips, footage or whatever you want to call what they show us. Basically my main problem might be a little cheesy but it is basically the format that they gave show with the American Idol theme. I just don’t like and I didn’t when they annouced it like this. It just doesn’t work for me, it really just doesn’t.

2: The Fan Vote- This is basically my main problem with the show. Yeah I know fans will argue that we have a right because we go to shows, we pay for the merchandise, we are the ones going to events, Yada Yada Yada blah blah blah. Although all that about what we do is true, we shouldn’t be voting. This competition is meant to find the next wrestler, the new face of the company, the future of it and so on and all people have done is mostly vote based popularity. Granted that you need that in this business but popularity is something in wrestling that can only take you so far. This a sport fake or not that you can’t just crack jokes, talk with fans or make them laugh, if you just want that when you go to wrestling, take a big U-turn to a comedy club, circus or stage play or whatever the heck can entertain people if you just want that and don’t want to see wrestling go to one of those things. That had been my main problem with ZZ and Sara. There is no excuse for ZZ as he is just living off popularity as it has been seen and said he has no work ethic and is horrible with Cardio and bad at his in ring skills. I don’t care if he is just 18 he shouldn’t just come on a show called tough enough and expect to just get through by not doing this stuff. As for Sara Lee she is constantly at the bottom and has kept saying that she has been ‘improving’ and I basically been saying at what? Billy Gunn and the other coaches also called her out on this. I don’t give a flying *bleep* for her and Amanda in all honesty but I would chose neither one to be honest (And if anybody ask I am not bringing up the ring  rat accusation cause I don’t honestly know if it is true. I don’t like Sara Lee but I’m not jumping to a conclusion because of that.) but either way, I find this to be the main problem

3: The Judges- ugh…..I honestly don’t know where to start or what to say about this. As everyone knows the original judges were Bryan, Paige and Hogan. The Miz who was originally the host of the tough talk segment on the show replaced him after Hogan was caught on camera saying racial slurs. My main problem is the judges themselves basically. Paige being my main one just because of how long she has been with wwe. She has the exprience and age doesn’t matter yes, but they could have atleast tried to get a person who had been with the company longer like Trish, Natalya, or even Lita. Ever since she became a judge her popularity dropped because she came off as a ‘bitch’. I’m not going to call her that cause if I don’t know someone personally or well enough I refuse to call them a name although I was honestly unlike that in middle school and I openly admit that. Bryan…Although I am mad a little cause he hasn’t used his save, he is basically the one reasonable person of the judges and honestly the best one there to be honest cause he is actually looking for talent not just te popular ones. When Hogan was there he basically did nothing and you couldn’t tell if he was catching a few Zs or not cause he had those sunglasses on. With Miz I sorta iffy and kinda not at him being a judge because this is basically a reality show and he fits perfectly in this but he has made huge problems and caused him self trouble by saving Amanda for being ‘hot’ (Than probably got his butt kicked by Paige and Mayrse) which cause Mada, one of the few guys I actually saw winning other than Josh and Patrick (Thanks Paige) and then he got out Chelsea basically when he changed his mind about putting Amanda up (And again got his butt kicked by his wife) which pissed a lot of people off

People may not agree with this, but those are my three main reasons for not liking this. Honestly I am doubting the show comes back but if it does…Well you already know why I think it does just reading #2 of the three reasons