Paige, Team Bella and the diss to fans

Last night, on probably one of the best episode of Raw we saw the Dudley Boyz, Sting and Flair appear last night on Raw. We also saw Bo Dallas getting taken to SUPLEX CITY!

And than there was the MizTV segment.

Before continuing, let me say right now I support the female wrestler fully, especially team PCB (Dumb name but still) and I honestly don’t care about the other teams.

But last night…was possibly the worst segment with the divas this year. The segment was honestly ‘cringe worthy’ and was said to be this by a few people on the websites for wrestling I go to and I honestly agree with them.

It than got worst as Nikki, the divas champion came out with Brie and Alica Fox. It started to get worst by the minute until Mis stepped and said something that really made me laugh a little because of the women’s reaction 

“When my hand goes up, your mouths go shut!”

That honestly saved the segment. Than we got the match that caused it all.

Although the match was okay, the Crowd in Brooklyn struck again, cheering for Sasha, doing the wave, saying ‘We Are Awesome’ and more as the match went on. As soon as it ended though, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you the women pissed.

And who did they take it out on….Us, the fans. Granted it was mostly towards the Brooklyn crowd, it was somewhat aimed at all of us into wwe wrestling. The main 3 culprits are Paige and the Bella Twins

Paige deleted her’s but people saw it in time and here is what it said 

 “You helped us create change and then did your best to disrespect. Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb!” Were her word as I recall

Yes Paige had a right to be mad so we’re Nikki and Brie (Who might I add told everyone they can kiss her ass) But to take it out on us, the people that come to shows, watch it on tv and whatever, that made me lose some respect for these 3. Charlotte and Becky Lynch as said something but it wasn’t near insulting us like Paige and the Bellas did.

But they shouldn’t be taking out on us. The Brooklyn crowd could have been better but you can’t tell me people weren’t think “Oh god another 6 diva tag match for who knows how many times now” But in the end though I am in between despite agreeing with the Brooklyn crowd who was basically wanted to see another great match like in nxt (where divas excluding Eva Marie do good) but instead we get the b- or the c + or whatever 

Of course the crowd is going to react, and no this is not me agree with the crowd in Brooklyn, it is me stating the obvious here, people are sick of repeats (Orton and Sheamus anyone)

They honestly have no right to call fans disrespectful bad or not cause this is what can get people to turn on them faster than big show and Henry turning from heels to faces. Paige’s fanbase was already dropping thanks to Popular Enough and Nikki and Brie just suck and are only riding off the success of there boyfriend and husband

But the damage has been done and nothing can change it now


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