This is Offically War

Well it is offical now. It is us against the world, NE fans and the team vs the other 31 teams and the Idoit Goodell. Brady suspension has been upheld and it is offically war.

For 4-5 months the deflategate news has offically been dragged out until yesterday. With a bunch of people glad at this, especially the part about the phone, and then people calling them constant Cheaters (Despite not being able to name anything other than Spygate and before this instant.) But fans of the Patriots are ready for war now no matter what.

But before I go I just have one question. Can people who say the Pats Are cheaters name something other than Spygate other than actually saying it? Actually back up you claim and name all the things they did before this incident since you seem to know so much? Formation don’t count if you think about bringing that up cause it was legal at the time. 
I’m done


Just get over this and make the decision on Tom Brady

Before this article begins let me say right now I am a Pats fan and I have been for 5 years now. But ignoring that let me begin.

For months ever since the AFC championship game all I ever hear is Brady did this, Pats did this, blah, blah,blah and so on. But this is a new year, a new season, and people just need to let this shit go. This whole thing shouldn’t even be taking that long as it is but I won’t blame you know who so people don’t get more pissed at me.

You can hate Brady, the Pats and Kraft and so long but I am so sick of hearing people say the Patriots always cheat and keep hearing the same thing whenever I ask them to name something other than spygate. Hell I have seen stuff on PFT even wanting Brady to get hurt when he plays which is sick and messed up cause no human being should just get hurt for others
amusement no matter how you feel about him.

But please people, just stop the fingering pointing, arguing, whining and what not and just let the goddamn fricking season start and just let this end because it is getting dumber and dumber by each minute and passing day as this continues to be dragged out